Mono Runtime Notes


Notes on Mono Runtime.

These are developer notes and make ample references to the
source code that comes with Mono-2.4 distribution. The platform
used for illustration is i686.

A typical post would explore a component of the JIT engine in a fairly
self-contained and minimalistic manner. Often times the exploration
would be guided by a simple example thoughtfully chosen well ahead.

Target audience would be people who have more than a passing interest
in the internals of the JIT engine. JIT experts and Developers who
dive right in to code for documentation would find posts shallow,
schoolboyish and irksome. All others would find it interesting and

All Posts are best consumed with loads of coffee, a code editor and
ample time. An interested reader would find himself doing multiple
passes at any given post.

The order of the posts reflect the trail that I take in coming to
terms with JIT engine and I am no code generation expert.

All comments that improve the quality of the posts would be publicly
acknowledged, published and acted upon. (I have turned off comments
in the individual posts to deal with comment spam.)

Feel free to write to me. My Google Mail Identity is kjambunathan.


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